The road to getting that interview

Online Applications


The online application processes for each of the accounting firms have a very similar format (many even using the exact same software) with many common sections. It is important that you do not underestimate the investment of time required to complete each of the applications, particulary if you’re applying to all of the firms. Give each application the time and care it deserves as it is crucial to remember that this application, and it alone, is the only thing the firms have to judge your suitability to be brought in for an interview. Below I outline the core sections that you will see in each of the applications;

Typical Sections

  • Personal Details
  • Career choice
  • Education
  • Work experience
  • Referees
  • Mini Questionnaire
  • Upload CV/Cover Letter


Personal Details

  • General requirements – name, address etc
  • Be sure to use an email address and phone number you check regularly


Career Choice

  • Select choice of business area, office location (if more than one) and second choice etc.
  • May be asked your reasoning behind your choice and to justify your suitability



  • Details of school, timeline, leaving cert points and results by subject
  • Some firms require minimum results in certain subjects (e.g. maths and english)
  • Details of undergraduate and postgraduate (if relevant) courses including results by year and also predicted results

Work Experience

  • Chronological order – similar to CV
  • Focus on transferrable skills and ensure you have ALL relevant work experience included
  • Milkround Mindset


  • Typically one academic and one work
  • Make sure to ask/inform your referees before you put their names down


  • Opportunity to distinguish yourself and express your interest and skills
  • Why have you chosen firm x and role y – why are you suited to it?
  • Business you admire and why? NB don’t choose obvious ones
  • Details of personal interests/achievements/ extra curricular activities

CV/Cover Letter Upload

  • Does your CV include more useful information than already in the application?
  • Have you proof read the document?