Overview of #MR14

Milkround ’14

This section will hopefully provide you with all you need to know about the milkround process for 2014. Approaching the milkround from the perspective of the 3M’s framework is a good starting point for any hopeful trainee and I would suggest you take a quick read of it prior to jumping in. Below gives a quick summary of the key points about the milkround


The “Milkround” is a period where some of Ireland’s largest accountancy firms run their graduate recruitment process to hire graduates for the following year’s intake (or two years time if you decide to complete a postgrad course).


The milkround begins in early September when the firms open up their application processes and finishes in late November when offers are released to succuessful interviewees.

More Info?

The Milkround ’14 section provides any milkround hopeful with information, guidance and tips on all the key steps of the process including;


Main sections, key points to consider, making yourself stand out

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CV/Cover Letter

Golden rules, key sections, annotated samples and much more

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Top tips, common questions, key preparation steps and much more

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Applications, firm presentations, interviews & offer dates

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