Firms, staff, locations and size

Ireland’s Top Accountancy Firms


Source information in MS SkyDrive

Nerd Corner

The inspiration for this was from a post on an excellent website called FlowingData. The graphic highlights the largest 16 accountancy firms in Ireland along with the dominance of the “Big Four”. I have outlined below a summary of the steps I used to create this graphic;

  • I used Excel and Inkscape (a free open source software for graphic design type projects) to create the graphic;
  • I traced a map of Ireland in Inkscape and placed the office locations for each firm;
  • The graphs are all done in Excel using the basic graphing functions and then copy and pasted into Inkscape; and
  • Finally, MS SkyDrive is a nice platform to store all the source links which allows them to be easily accessed by any user if required;