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GradIreland – Accountancy


Every year I talk to students who have great difficulty when researching about potential career paths and graduate roles. The common complaint is that it is difficult to find good sources of information that aren’t trying to sell you their own angle. Hopefully Accounting Milkman can help somewhat in that regard but I also recommend students take a look at gradireland’s Accountancy and Financial Management section which has an impressive collection of employer profiles, job descriptions, graduate profiles and the all-important job vacancies listing also.

As a final year student I found this site particularly useful as it is a good one stop shop for a lot of your research. I think it is best used as an initial starting point to get a feel for the variety of roles available to business, Accounting and finance graduates (and all other graduates for that matter) and the various employers in those areas and to then dig a bit deeper regarding each one by going to the each of the relevant websites.

The site also has some very good articles related to the sector and each year they publish a pretty comprehensive graduate brochure for the whole accountancy and financial management sector. Here is the 2015 one (Note it says “Finance” on the cover but it also incorporates accounting, tax, funds and banking).

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