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GradIreland – Accountancy

Every year I talk to students who have great difficulty when researching about potential career paths and graduate roles. The common complaint is that it is difficult to find good sources of information that aren’t trying to sell you their own angle. Hopefully Accounting Milkman can help somewhat in that regard but I also recommend students […]

Final Year – Subject Choices

Introduction One important decision that faces many penultimate year students is the choice of subjects/specialism for the final year of their undergraduate degree. The popularity of general business degrees when making the CAO decision leaves a significant number of students with a decision with regards what pathway to focus on in their final year in […]

Career Choice – Key Drivers

With final exams approaching for many students the issue of career choice and which path to take post graduation will be one on many students’ minds. I thought this old (in internet terms!) visualisation from Bud Caddell of the key components of any ideal career choice was a great summary of the decision to be […]

General Business Degree – Career Paths

The popularity of general business (or commerce) degrees when applying for the CAO is a logical choice when students aren’t entirely sure of what area of business interests them. The below infographic (via gives a great overview of the various career paths available to students coming through a general business degree. For a full […]