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Introduction The standard of CVs can vary widely among students and there is nothing worse than being handed up a poorly structured CV full of typos and poor formatting – straight away the reader is given the impression of a candidate that is careless and unprofessional. CV preparation, in my opinion, is a topic that […]

Final Year – Subject Choices

Introduction One important decision that faces many penultimate year students is the choice of subjects/specialism for the final year of their undergraduate degree. The popularity of general business degrees when making the CAO decision leaves a significant number of students with a decision with regards what pathway to focus on in their final year in […]

Chartered Accountant Exam Cycle

With the start of the CA exam season fast approaching I though it would be good opportunity to visualise the full CA exam cycle for a single year to put some perspective on the effort involved. Where are you in the current cycle? Best of luck to all those doing the CA exams over the […]

Chartered Accountants Ireland – Student Statistics

Following on from my previous post on students doing professional accounting exams in Ireland, Chartered Accountants Ireland (“CAI”) recently released their annual report for 2013 and it provided a good overview of their student population. Student numbers are now at their highest since 2009 with 6,440 students studying for the ACA title. The popularity of […]

Professional Accounting Qualifications – Student Overview

The IAASA, the body responsible for the regulation of accountants and auditors in Ireland, released its “Profile of the Profession” report recently giving a great overview of the students studying for professional accounting qualifications in Ireland in 2013.     Accountancy Bodies Overview Source: IAASA Profile of the Profession 2013 Report Employment Status It is […]