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Grad Recruitment Programmes

With final exams on the horizon, the next step for many students who have not already secured a graduate role will be researching graduate recruitment programmes. This issue is also likely to be on the mind of many penultimate year students who wish to get a head start on looking into possible roles after their […]

GradIreland – Accountancy

Every year I talk to students who have great difficulty when researching about potential career paths and graduate roles. The common complaint is that it is difficult to find good sources of information that aren’t trying to sell you their own angle. Hopefully Accounting Milkman can help somewhat in that regard but I also recommend students […]

CAI Exam Cycle 2015

January brings us back to a new ACA exam cycle for 2015. The route to ACA can be a hard slog no matter where on the ladder you begin and understanding the key dates for interim assessments, final exams and results is crucial for any student. The below graphic gives an overview of the exam […]

Summer Internships 2015

Introduction Unless your course has the option of a co-op/INTRA/placement during your penultimate year your best opportunity to gain some firsthand experience in the world of accountancy will be through a summer internship. These internships are short term placements typically between June and August and, although programmes vary, the majority of firms will provide roles […]