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Introduction The interview is a crucial part of the recruitment process and one that many milkround candidates fear greatly. Ultimately the milkround process is made up of two stages; The Application – this is where you prove yourself on paper by providing academic credentials, details of work experience and extracurricular activities etc; and The Interview […]

Milkround ’14 Overview

With the return to college fast approaching, so too is the Milkround process for 2014 with firm applications typically open online from mid September. The graphic below provides a neat summary of the Milkround as well as a rough guide on timelines and closing dates for firm applications. The next couple of weeks will be […]

LinkedIn for Students

With the rise of social media in recent years everyone seems to have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts however I am still amazed when talking to students and recent graduates that the majority have never heard of LinkedIn or, for those that have, just assumed that it was solely for professionals who are already well […]


Introduction The standard of CVs can vary widely among students and there is nothing worse than being handed up a poorly structured CV full of typos and poor formatting – straight away the reader is given the impression of a candidate that is careless and unprofessional. CV preparation, in my opinion, is a topic that […]

Final Year – Subject Choices

Introduction One important decision that faces many penultimate year students is the choice of subjects/specialism for the final year of their undergraduate degree. The popularity of general business degrees when making the CAO decision leaves a significant number of students with a decision with regards what pathway to focus on in their final year in […]