Audit, Tax & Advisory

Area Choice



In the majority of the accounting firms there will be positions available in audit, tax and advisory.The breakdown of positions is usually favoured heavily towards audit, then tax and finally advisory. It is important to do your research prior to the milkround process to ensure you understand what kind of work is involved in each area – internships/work placements & insight days are a great way to get first hand experience of a certain business area.

Alternatively you can get in contact with people you know who have done your course and are currently in training contracts with accounting firms to get their views on the different areas. Attending the company talks will also give you a flavour of what’s involved in each area (even better if you go to these a year in advance to understand what each one is)

It should be noted that the majority of application forms will have an order of preference option for your first three choices of business areas. Thus although you may not be successful with your first option you may be offered an interview for your second or third option. Just because there are a significantly less amount of advisory roles available should not mean you avoid this so as to increase your chances of a job. If you are a good student, even if you do not make the cut for your advisory role, you may be offered alternative roles as the firm will be keen to hold onto you.

Key Issues to Consider

In considering which business area you will apply for there are a number of key issues/steps to consider;

  • Do research, read brochures/websites etc;
  • Consider your favourite subjects in college – e.g. tax, finance, audit/accounting;
  • What are your longer term ambitions? Your own practice, industry, finance?;
  • Discuss with people in these different areas – leverage your attendance at firm talks etc; and
  • Consider the number of available roles in each area – this should not be a deciding factor but will at least make you aware of the likely level of competition.