First step of the milkround process

Application Process

Many of the larger accounting firms (Firm Choice) now utilise online systems to facilitate the applications of students for the milkround positions. Although time consuming from the students’ perspective this approach is logical from the firms’ perspective as it creates a standardised application form to review which is essential given the vast number of applications received and the tight timelines in which the process must be completed. Many of these application forms are very similar (with some firms using the exact same system to facilitate the process) which should provide students with some opportunity to reduce their workload.

The table below shows the process used by each of the larger firms along with an accompanying link;

 FirmOnline Application?Application Link
PWCYesPwC Application
KPMGYesKPMG Application
DeloitteYesDeloitte Application
EYYesEY Application
Grant ThorntonYesGrant Thornton Application
BDOYesBDO Application
RSM FGSYesRSM FGS Application
MazarsYesMazars Application
Baker Tilly Ryan GlennonYesBTRG Application
Moore StephensMoore Stephens Application


Dos & Don’ts

While the specifics of online applications, CVs, and interviews have their own dedicated pages the table below highlights some general points to consider when filling out your applications. Many of them may seem obvious but you would be amazed how the simple things are overlooked when you have 5/6 applications ongoing simultaneously;


  • Decide at the outset which firms you are applying for and save all usernames and passwords in a safe location;
  • Understand the deadline for each firm and estimate time required to complete form;
  • Be smart with applications and seek to reuse answers across various applications as many questions are very similar – tailor as required; and
  • Spell check externally (MS Word) to the online system;


  • Leave until last minute – these are time consuming;
  • Copy and paste answers across applications without tailoring;
  • Apply for certain firms/areas just because your friends are; and
  • Choose firms/areas on a whim – do some prior research.